Inspiring examples

Here are some examples of how other organizations use Foleon to create interactive, measurable, and mobile-friendly white papers and eBooks.



GDPR Special

This well-produced special edition by BDO and creative agency Scripta does an incredible job of turning a conventionally dull topic into a piece of content that's engaging and comes to life.

Limes International

Memo 30% Ruling

This white paper created by Limes International discusses the 30% tax ruling in the Netherlands and provides a detailed explanation of its conditions, duration period, and the application procedure.



Banking on a Customer Centric Approach to Data

Data and privacy are big topics looming over the banking industry. NGData confronts them head on in this engaging and educational publication.

Betty Blocks

The No-Code Guide to your Digital Transformation

This whitepaper looks at the No-code solution by Betty Blocks and uses vibrant, eye-catching branding to explain it.


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