Success Story

Betty Blocks

Betty Blocks is the world’s number one no-code application development platform. As a B2B company, they focus heavily on delivering high-value content to their audience. In order to gain valuable reader insights, boost interactivity and accelerate lead generation, they decided to shift their entire content production process from PDFs to Foleon.

We interviewed Victor Küppers, VP of Marketing and Lisanne Steenis, Brand Manager at Betty Blocks to hear about how shifting to digital content accelerated their digital content creation process, ramped up lead generation, and provided valuable insights about their audience engages with their digital content assets.


more leads


faster content creation process


publications created

We are now able to produce content four times faster than before. Furthermore, we have seen an increase of 20 percent in sign-ups for our weekly content because of the possibility of adding sign-up forms within the publications.

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